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This site used to be a slave to an ultra-slow Dell PC. Creatively, it is now at the mercy of a much faster Apple iMac, updated with Microsoft FrontPage, running on Windows XP Pro, running on...a Mac. I'm hoping that as I become more familiar with the Mac software line I can get rid of FrontPage and my reliance on Windows entirely, but I don't expect that transition to be quick.

Here's what I do know: the iMac is sleek, ulta fast, and is running two operating systems faster than most PCs could run one. I'm watching less tv because I have a computer I can actually use, which means that I might be able to change pages like this one more than once every two years :) Then again, maybe Selah will be pulling this same page up to see what she looked like when she was 14 months old, and daddy got his then-new computer.

Last updated: 11/15/2007